The Cogitamus laboratory is a delocalized institution, bringing together scientists from all disciplinary backgrounds and nationalities who share common values: these of a disinterested research, scrupulous of integrity, aspiring to create, perpetuate, revise and transmit knowledge. Following the tack open by its first member Camille Noûs Cogitamus offers to host those who, sharing this vision, wish to commit themselves and work towards this ideal of research.

Its locations are multiple, wherever a haven of knowledge allows scientists to join and face this world and this present in a different way. It can be seen as a place of dialogue around science policy, concerned with human societies and their democratic conflicts.

What it will achieve is still to be invented, to be imagined: for many researchers who share the ideas defended by Camille Noûs, providing a framework for innovative research in the service of the general interest, involving separate disciplines and institutions, building consensus of reason and bringing their conclusions to civil society, etc.

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